This is Kaho'ali'i's Demi God house. It is a small cottage. It resides in the north of New Hewain City next to the lake and the cemetery. It is located at the edge of the forest.
Dead house

Children of Kaho'ali'iEdit

House SongEdit

The house song is The Other Side of Me by Hannah Montana a.k.a Miley Cyrus.
Hannah Montana - The other side of me lyrics

Hannah Montana - The other side of me lyrics



  • All children of Kaho'ali'i are granted a key when they get to camp. This key can bring back anyone from death. Though this only works if the demi-god can feel true love to the person desired.
  • Can communicate with ghosts
  • Has the ability to remove their own reflection from mirrors, lakes, etc.
  • Can heal the injured